Detection and attribution (D&A) studies typically require unforced control simulations and historical simulations including all major anthropogenic and natural forcings. Such simulations will be carried out as part of the CMIP6 DECK and the CMIP6 historical simulation. In addition D&A studies require simulations covering the historical period driven by individual forcings or subsets of forcings only: these will be undertaken as part of DAMIP. Key novel features of the DAMIP experimental design following D&A-relevant simulations in CMIP5 are:

    • new historical simulations of aerosols-only, stratospheric-ozone-only, CO2-only, solar-only, and volcanic-only forcing, facilitating an improved estimation of the climate response to individual forcing;

    • future single forcing experiments, allowing observationally-constrained projections of future climate change;

    • an experimental design which allows models with and without coupled atmospheric chemistry to be compared on an equal footing.

Tier 1 experiments

Tier 2 experiments

Tier 3 experiments